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Donors, sponsors, and YOU play a vital role.

Making the production a reality

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In the United States, typical Performing Arts nonprofit groups recover between 30-40% of overall operating costs from ticket sales, and the remainder must come from donations, grants, and fundraisers. Because High Desert Opera has consistently minimized its overhead and been extremely resourceful with funds, we are able to recover an average of 60-70% of our operating expenses from ticket sales.

Whether it's becoming a production sponsor, assisting with set construction, or getting involved with cast and crew, your contribution to this cause is greatly appreciated.

Our donors and their role

Our donors have contributed almost all of our needed funding beyond ticket sales revenue for over 11 years, and we are so grateful. We humbly believe that High Desert Opera is a local treasure, and we love being supported by the local community.

Lending to the performance

Because of our donors, we have been able to focus on making great performances rather than on grant writing and organizing a lot of fund raising events. We operate with only one part time employee working out of a home office, and within budgets that are almost completely focused on production costs. This is rare, and a source of pride for us. We love it that people are moved by our work to donate to us.

Playing a part in giving a gift

High Desert Opera was founded to give away the gifts that great music carries with it. It gives the performers the gift of performing in a professional atmosphere in front of a live audience with an orchestral accompaniment.

The audience, of course, receives the offering of the production itself. Community volunteers and donors are enriched by knowing that they play a part in expanding and preserving our great cultural and artistic heritage.

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